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About Us

Camp Achdus Girls, also known as Camp SEED, is a fun, exciting and engaging summer experience for bnos yisroel in the Philadelphia area. Combining trips, daily activities, learning and swimming, Camp SEED will deliver a summer to remember for girls entering grades 1-8. SEED counselors are carefully selected to serve as role models for the girls and to infuse the camp day with ruach and creativity. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Shira Reiner, Camp SEED has been serving the Philadelphia area frum community since 2016. 

Camp SEED has always prided itself on creating a warm, heimish and tzniusdik environment for our bnos yisroel. As such:

  1. All girls and staff members must wear shirts that cover their collar bones and elbows and skirts that cover their knees.

  2. Girls entering 4th grade and up must wear socks that meet the skirt hemline. 

  3. Girls entering 3rd grade and below must wear crew or knee socks.

  4. Campers are not permitted to have any cell phones or other mobile devices in their possession on the bus or at camp.

  5. A camper or staff member who does not behave in a manner consistent with a bas yisroel will be asked to leave.

Let’s Work Together

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Full Summer

8 weeks

June 26 - August 17

1st Session

4 weeks

June 26 - July 21

2nd Session

4 weeks

July 24- August 17


Monday - Thursday 

9:15 am - 3:30 pm


9:15 am - 1:00 pm


Registration fee: $50


Full Summer: $1,525

($125 savings)

One Session: $800

($50 savings)


Mrs. Shira Reiner



For Billing Inquiries:

Mrs. Natalie Horowitz

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